Whistleblower Line

At Eltizam Group, we maintain an ethical, values-based culture and enforce zero tolerance for all forms of fraudulent conduct. 
Our Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards revolve around five fundamental principles:

1) Integrity
2) Objectivity
3) Professional competence and due care
4) Confidentiality
5) Professional behaviour

We expect each of our employees to understand and apply these principles on a daily basis and employees act in an accountable manner –  they do not lie, cheat, steal or disrespect other employees. All Eltizam Group employees are responsible for ensuring that Eltizam’s business conduct and ethical standards are not subject to debate, circumvention and that they can’t be disregarded.

Our employees & our external service providers are measured by the standards set out in our Code and in the Eltizam Human Resources Handbook;

If any of our employees act in an inappropriate manner, contact our Whistleblower line by email at compliance@eltizam.com 
or by phone at +971 56 503 3965.

All submissions will be reviewed objectively and the identity of the individual who submitted the report will remain confidential.

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